With more than fifteen years of experience in the field, Apliman provides Interactive Voice Response solutions as well as complete set of communication technology products and call center systems.

Apliman provides case study, consultation, hardware equipment, software license, system management, customization and after sales support services. Thier powerful and highly scalable products help customers achieve multi-modal solutions, integrating together Voice, SMS/MMS, Email, HTTP, Fax, USSD and others through dedicated GUI interface while helping corporations achieve raid time-to-market, creating new revenues streams and incurring minimal operating costs.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems have invaded most fields that depend on customer interaction. They have become essential to ensure optimal efficiency. First contact for your customers is essential, as your business image is dependent on how you manage your clients when they call you. Choosing the most flexible and user-friendly IVR platform is key to your success. Yet only the perfect customizable and professional IVR System enhances communication while reinforcing your credibility. Enter Apliman IVR, designed for both operator and customer satisfaction.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems allow users to interactively communicate with computers through the telephone in order to access a wide range of information, and a wide range of services. IVR enables callers to dial (or be dialed from) a fully automated system and use voice prompts, in conjunction with phone pad, to interact with a wide host of provided information, all while providing seamless 24/7 service.

Apliman IVR

The power of Apliman IVR comes from its versatile and powerful Application Generator. Apliman IVR Application Generator is part of a fully visual development suite, where heavy duty applications can be easily built using ready made "plug and Play" assembly blocks.

The resultant applications can mix various IVR elements (DTMF, Voice ...) with database elements, web elements (HTTP, HTML, Email), and even SMS and MMS, for a truly multi-modal system. The explosive combination of all the above computing and contact elements allows the rapid creation of applications with extensive depth, flexible functionality, and detailed call control.

Apliman IVR enables callers to interactively communicate with a wide range of applications and is perfectly customizable to implement different value added services, game applications, directory services ...etc. Designed to truly improve IVR-based solutions, Apliman IVR offers the option of adding different gateways easily and quickly, at minimal time and effort. It is the core of Apliman mobile voice solutions.

Apliman IVR Solutions include:

IVR Text to Speech
Apliman IVR extracts information to be delivered to a customer from a database, or from the Web, and converts it to audible speech using Text-To-Speech software.

IVR Speech Recognition
With Apliman IVR Speech Recognition, the user can say a service's name and Apliman IVR will connect the user to his desired destination. Through this use of voice interface, callers can complete simple tasks quickly; such as balance inquiries or bill payments.

Messaging Service Delivery Platform (SDP)

Call Center