Kodak offers the broadest array of document imaging products, services and solutions available. From innovative scanners to powerfully intuitive software ... state-of-the-art micrographics to world-renowned services... Kodak delivers exceptional quality, productivity and responsiveness to meet your needs and address the business demand of the digital world.

Kodak's Document Imaging business enables customers to capture and manage valuable information from electronic and paper documents. Kodak's solutions include award-winning scanners and capture software, information workflow software, an expanding range of professional services and industry-leading service and support.

Kodak Info Activate Solution

Document Scanners

ISB Partners - Kodak document imaging networked scanners
Share documents across the network – or the world. Scan without additional hardware or software.
Networked Scanners
ISB Partners - Kodak document imaging workgroup scanners
Perfect answers for small offices and workgroups needing to scan up to 4,000 pages per day.
Workgroup Scanners
ISB Partners - Kodak document imaging departmental scanners
Desktop productivity advances for busy departments with scanning needs of up to 15,000 pages per day.
Departmental Scanners
ISB Partners - Kodak document imaging production scanners
Real-world speed for high-volume requirements where around-the-clock productivity is crucial.
Production Scanners


Document Scanning Software
Enhance productivity and optimize workflow while reducing time and repetitive scanning tasks.
Info Activate Solution
The KODAK Info Activate Solution makes information capture simpler, workflow more organized and integration completely seamless.
Asset Management Software
KODAK Asset Management Software allows you to manage select KODAK Scanners on your network through one simple dashboard.
Solutions for SharePoint
Kodak solutions make it simple and lightning fast to create, find, view and annotate documents in Microsoft SharePoint.

Kodak Capture Pro Software

Kodak Capture Pro Software is the complete capture software application that allows you to scan, process, utilize, and manage documents and important data from those documents. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is an important component of Capture Pro Software, enabling such powerful capabilities as:

Searchable PDF Output.

With Capture Pro Software’s optional Arabic OCR Module, you can put these powerful tools to enjoy the benefits of:

  • Fast read rates
  • Custom dictionaries for better accuracy
  • Affordable pricing and simple licensing
  Zonal OCR.

Set up your job to automatically “read” the text within a specified region on each page and use the information to:

  • Separate batches or documents
  • Create attachments
  • Populate index fields

Drag and Drop OCR

Faster indexing with Drag and Drop OCR.

Use the mouse to draw a region on an image; the OCR engine reads the text within the region and automatically populates an index field.