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Laserfiche® creates simple and elegant enterprise content management (ECM) solutions that help organizations run smarter. Since 1987, Laserfiche has used its Run Smarter® philosophy to create simple and elegant enterprise content management solutions. More than 30,000 organizations worldwide—including federal, state and local government agencies and Fortune 1000 companies—use Laserfiche software to streamline documents, records and business process management.

Laserfiche offers several core solution packages to address the business needs of small to large organizations, including Laserfiche Rio, an ECM solution that is straightforward to purchase, deploy, extend, and manage; and Laserfiche Avante, a powerful BPM solution with Workflow automation.


The Laserfiche ECM system is designed to give IT managers central control over their information infrastructure, including standards, security and auditing, while still offering business units the flexibility to react quickly to changing conditions. The Laserfiche product suite is built on top of Microsoft technologies to simplify system administration, supports Microsoft SQL and Oracle platforms, and features a seamless integration with Microsoft Office applications and a two-way integration with SharePoint.

Laserfiche distributes its software through through BMB in Middel East and a worldwide network of value-added resellers (VARs) like Integrated Solutions for Business (ISB) in KSA & Middel East, who tailor solutions to clients’ individual needs.

ISB is proud to be a Laserfiche Authorized Reseller, bringing the power of enterprise content management and business process management to a wide customer base in Saudi Arabia. We work closely with our clients to identify the areas of their business that can be streamlined with our portfolio of products and value-added services.
ISB is a Laserfiche Gold Certified Reseller, a credential that demonstrates exemplary ECM expertise and an ability to provide higher quality solutions for customers. Gold Certification is awarded to resellers who achieved the following certifications: Laserfiche Specialist, Capture I & II,  Administrator I & II and Business Process Management.
For over a decade, ISB has consistently achieved the Laserfiche Winners Circle annual award. The Winners Circle is an elite group of Laserfiche value added resellers (VARs) with top sales performance, successful installations and commitment to exceptional service.

Laserfiche ECM

The Laserfiche enterprise content management system is designed to be straightforward to purchase, deploy, extend, administer and support.

Professional ECM suite for small to medium organizations with fewer than 100 users: offers a simple and affordable pricing structure with servers that are sold individually. Read more..


Enterprise ECM suite for large organizations: offers tiered pricing with significant volume discounts and includes unlimited servers and repositories. Read more..

Laserfiche Product Suite

Laserfiche Client and Server

The thick Laserfiche Client and Server installations help you consolidate multiple content repositories across your organization and provide access to the information your employees need.

The Client and Server form the core of the Laserfiche enterprise content management solution, allowing you to manage content, mitigate content-related risks and simplify business processes. Laserfiche begins with basic content services and adds document capture, library services and a wide variety of other tools and functionality to improve the flow of business.


  • Capture, manage and archive information in any format.
  • Centrally manage your content archives.
  • Deliver information and simplify repetitive tasks.

Laserfiche Workflow

An organization’s success is closely related to the efficiency of its everyday business processes. Yet too many organizations continue to rely on outdated, manual processes that hamper productivity and interfere with effective decision making. In today’s increasingly-complex global environment, it’s more important than ever for organizations to streamline operations and to help staff focus more of their time on revenue-generating activities.

Laserfiche Workflow™ is a flexible, easy-to-use tool for automating and optimizing business processes organization-wide. A central component of the Laserfiche product suite, Workflow enables you to map, model and manage your business processes to efficiently achieve your goals.

With its ability to integrate with a wide variety of enterprise applications, Workflow can be used to execute repeatable processes in a consistent manner across the organization, optimizing resource efficiency, cost and service delivery.


  • Simplify Complex Tasks.
  • Design Workflow Rules with Ease.
  • Minimize IT Support.

Laserfiche Forms

Laserfiche Forms offers quick, simplified data collection and processing for your entire organization.

Our customizable web forms fit securely onto any website, making it easy for your customers and employees to submit information. Automated approval workflows and built-in auditing ensure that action is taken quickly, forms are never misplaced and stakeholders are updated at every step.


  • Ensure accurate and secure data collection.
  • Design and modify forms without IT involvement.
  • Accelerate business processes.

Laserfiche Records Management Edition

Controlling your organization’s proliferating paper and electronic records can be demanding. How do you adhere to records retention policies organization-wide—without raising costs or disrupting everyday work processes?

With Laserfiche Records Management Edition, you easily implement an enterprise-wide records management plan, transforming your records program from a cost center into a business asset.


  • Reinforce governance, risk and compliance standards.
  • Support comprehensive risk management.
  • Balance flexibility and control with transparent records management.
  • Establish an overarching ECM infrastructure for the enterprise.

Laserfiche Web Access

Laserfiche Web Access delivers enterprise-wide content management capabilities in a single installation. With Laserfiche Web Access, staff can search, retrieve and work on documents from the Laserfiche repository through their Web browser, whether they’re using the corporate intranet, logging in from a branch office or connecting from a laptop while in the field.

Laserfiche Web Access immediately extends better decision making, lower overhead costs and increased efficiency throughout your organization, all while relieving your IT department of installation, maintenance and troubleshooting burdens.


  • Deploy instantly enterprise-wide to simplify support.
  • Retrieve, work with and create documents from anywhere.
  • Manage multi-site installations to control information assets.
  • Expand content access and promote participation in business processes.

Laserfiche Audit Trail

Information is one of your organization’s most important assets—and one of the most highly regulated. As the penalties associated with poor record-keeping and inadequate security grow increasingly severe, it becomes ever more critical that organizations in all industries take a proactive approach to managing and protecting information.

By constantly monitoring and recording events that occur in your document repository, Laserfiche Audit Trail plays a key role in your organization’s enterprise risk management strategy. Laserfiche Audit Trail enables you to regularly review user activity, assess the effectiveness of internal control mechanisms and demonstrate regulatory compliance. Perhaps most importantly, Laserfiche Audit Trail readily fits into your existing IT infrastructure, providing you with a detailed view of enterprise business processes—without creating additional work for your IT department.


  • Protect information from unauthorized access or release.
  • Increase visibility into enterprise processes.
  • Generate audit reports quickly and easily.

Laserfiche Mobile

Lead. Manage. Take Action. Anywhere.

With Laserfiche Mobile for the iPad and iPhone, you’ll never skip a beat—even if you’re skipping the office. Whether you’re traveling, on an offsite visit or working from home, you’ll have access to your workplace documents and procedures at the touch of a button. Upload, review and approve files and track work all within a secure, compliant environment on your phone or tablet.

The Laserfiche Mobile app offers:

  • On-the-go access.
  • Content creation from the road.
  • Paperless collaboration.
  • Integrated security.

Laserfiche SharePoint Integration

Built on Microsoft standards that make it widely interoperable, extensible and easy to administer, Agile ECM engineered with Laserfiche and SharePoint 2010 provides a configurable horizontal framework that centralizes control of physical and electronic business records spread across disparate content repositories.


  • Rapidly deployed transactional content management.
  • Enterprise search and classification.
  • Collaboration and business process management.
  • Enterprise risk management and compliance.

Laserfiche Quick Fields

Put the actionable information that's locked away in paper forms, faxes, electronic databases, legacy systems and software applications to work for you.

With Laserfiche Quick Fields, you accelerate the flow of useful information in business operations, reducing labor costs and eliminating errors associated with manual data entry—while empowering staff to use their time more productively.


  • Reduce labor-intensive, error-prone manual sorting and data entry.
  • Gain more control over capture processes with flexible configuration tools.
  • Integrate Laserfiche Quick Fields into existing business processes.

Laserfiche WebLink

Quick and easy access to information is vital in today’s world. With Laserfiche WebLink, you offer a Section 508-compliant public Web portal that provides instant, read-only access to documents from a wide variety of Web browsers.

Laserfiche WebLink is a user-friendly public portal site for providing Internet access to your publicly available documents. It can be configured to display a visual style that matches your existing Website and to show searches and links that quickly guide users to what they are looking for.

Laserfiche WebLink is designed to be more accessible to external users who might be unfamiliar with Laserfiche or your organization’s naming conventions and filing methodologies. It acts as a customizable, searchable portal for public access to important information—while still keeping sensitive information secure.


  • Offer simplified and customized searching of your publicly available documents.
  • Provide read-only document access to the public—while protecting your core Laserfiche repository.
  • Enable authorized persons to securely search and retrieve documents.
  • Customize your interface to fit your specific needs, without extensive coding or programming.

Laserfiche Plus

Information is one of your organizations’ most important assets, but it’s often difficult or expensive to get it to the people who need it. With Laserfiche Plus portable media publishing, any portion of a Laserfiche repository can be bundled together and published into a fully self-contained repository complete with integrated search and viewing capabilities. Using Laserfiche Plus, enterprise documents can be published to CD/DVDs, portable hard drives or USB drives, enabling portable access on PCs and notebooks.


  • Provide clients, mobile staff and remote offices with access to information.
  • Reduce distribution costs.
  • Simplify disaster recovery planning, and support business continuity.
  • Reduce the cost of regulatory compliance.