IT Consultation Services

Top companies invest their time, talent and capital to develop those competencies that will set them apart from their competitors. Combining a solid understanding of business processes with deep industry knowledge and implementation rigor, ISB gives you practical solutions tailored to address your most crucial business challenges. Transform your IT landscape through a unique consulting methodology from ISB.

Annual Maintenance Program

When your organization selected ISB, you gained a partner with the right tools and support services to meet your needs, along with a commitment to provide the industry’s best total customer experience. We understand that technology alone isn't enough to meet your increasingly complex and dynamic business and information system needs. We are committed to providing the services and support your need to maximize the value of your ISB solutions. Our support programs and services are designed to make the journey through installation, development, deployment and management of your ISB solution efficient and productive. Find out more.

After-Sales Services

ISB believes in the important role of After-Sales Services play in customer satisfaction and customer retention. Thus, ISB provides a comprehensive package of after sales service and Annual Maintenance Contracts that meet and exceed customers' expectations. Our certified and highly-trained technical team works hard to quickly identify and solve any technical issues, ensuring smooth operation and maximum benefit from your technology solution.

Training Services

Through its team of certified engineers, ISB offers several IT training services that allow clients to enhance the organizational knowledge of IT implementations. From basic computer skills to in-depth administration skills– ISB’s customized training workshops cater to the needs of end-users, administrative staff, IT teams, and faculty– empowering organizations with the skills needed to manage and maintain their own IT systems.

Integration Services

ISB Offers a variety of highly specialize integration services for ECM solutions - aligned with our strategic approach to improve operational excellence and increase customer satisfaction.

We lead technology gap analysis. Our experienced team analyzes your needs and the maturity of your processes to identify the requirements to fully support your document management processes. We make sure our services are flexible and scalable to suite your specific business needs and the size of your organization.

Backlog Conversion

ISB is one of the first and most experienced companies in the field of backlog conversion, bulk scanning and mass document conversion. We have successfully executed mega projects in the kingdom. Prior to implementing any imaging system, our technical team performs a comprehensive requirements gathering and analysis to form a deep understanding of the existing documents and business practices.

They ensure achieving optimum results by carefully planning the best hardware and software configurations and considering all scenarios and issues, such as network impact.

Migration Services

ISB provides migration services to Laserfiche that include images and database migration. We apply proven methodologies while utilizing appropriate discovery and data transfer tools to complete your migration project with minimal downtime, negligible performance impact, and absolute data integrity. Migration Services are designed to help you quickly meet even the most aggressive business objectives without enduring any unexpected "surprises".

Planning and design is the first step towards a successful data migration. We begin data migration by performing an inventory of your existing DMS environment. We then provide an analysis that maps the migration of your existing data to Laserfiche System. The objective of this service is to collaborate with your team to develop the most appropriate migration plan to meet your objectives, while identifying and minimizing time, personnel and resource impact.

Application Development

ISB provides consultation services and custom design and development of enterprise applications.

Our team of certified engineers has knowledge and expertise in numerous software platforms and technologies such as .NET, SQL, Oracle. Backed up with an innovative Research and Development section, market-trends awareness and a track record of successful enterprise-level project implementations, ISB offers its clients the best professional development services.