Annual Maintenance Program

When your organization selected ISB, you gained a partner with the right tools and support services to meet your needs, along with a commitment to provide the industry’s best total customer experience. We understand that technology alone isn't enough to meet your increasingly complex and dynamic business and information system needs. We are committed to providing the services and support your need to maximize the value of your ISB solutions.

Our support programs and services are designed to make the journey through installation, development, deployment and management of your ISB solution efficient and productive. Our goal is to help you keep your environment up and running as smoothly as possible.

ISB Support Levels

In order to simplify the support for ISB products, ISB has four levels of support:

1 - ISB Basic Support

2 - Site Visit Support

3 - Consultation Team Support

4 - Third Party Support

Basic Support provides assistance with installation and operations of ISB solutions and products and helps to resolve problems. It is includes:

Telephone and E-mail Support
Support Engineers are available from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, KSA local time, Sunday through Thursday except on official national and religious holidays. Our state-of-the-art support centers are staffed with highly qualified Support Engineers with experience in ISB software and hardware.
We provide 24 X 7 E-mail support for urgent issues.

ISB On-line Support
ISB provides on-line support through VPN connection or Team Viewer.

Software Releases
As an ISB customer, your entitlements include patches, maintenance and major releases of software updates and upgrades, which keep your systems current and protect your security investment.

In second level of support the Support Engineer arrange a site visit after getting the availability of the customer. The support engineer studies all the aspects of the problem with the delivered version of the software.

The problem will be resolved directly if it is related to the current version of the software and doesn’t need any change in software code or business logic, but if the problem cannot be resolved without modifying source code it is directly referred to the development department with a bug report. In case the client's software version wasn't the latest, patches and update will be delivered to the customer immediately.

Third- party-related software or hardware problems are escalated to Third Party Support Level.

If the problem is complex such that it couldn't be fixed with the basic support level, nor after an engineer's visit, it is then forwarded for thorough analysis to our Consultation Team.

In this level of support, ISB directs the details of problem to the supplier or manufacturer.

It is possible that the supplier will visit the client in presence of ISB to have a clear idea of the problem and to solve the issue. Hardware will be maintained according to the manufacturer policy.

Support Contract Terms and Renewal

Unless otherwise noted, ISB Annual Maintenance Program contracts have a X year term. ISB will automatically provide notification to you for renewal of your current support contract at least thirty (30) Days in advance of its expiration date.

You are entitled to the support programs and services while your support contract fees are current. Purchasing Support -ISB offers a full suite of technical support and upgrade options to help mitigate risk and maximize the long-term value of your ISB solution.

For more details you can contact:

Support on Third-Party Products

ISB Technical Support will make every reasonable effort to help you get a resolution to your 3rd party vendor problem within standard resolution time goals. Your case is kept open until the resolution is delivered to you or it is determined that we cannot control the third party issue, at which time we will inform you that we are not able to resolve the issue and the case is closed.

In cases where ISB consultation has contracted a third party to develop a product or a component of a product, ISB consultation remains the escalation point for Technical Support. ISB Engineering maintains the relationship with the 3rd party and provides ISB Technical Support with a resolution (hot fix or patch) to a customer problem. ISB Engineering is also responsible for providing training or knowledge transfer on any product they develop or represent.

When ISB has certified a 3rd party product as interoperable with an ISB product, Technical Support receives training and an Implementation. This lab is used to certify partner products. Re-certification of a 3rd party product is conducted by Partner Engineering and is generally the result of an upgrade to either the partner product or an ISB product. If appropriate, a new or updated Implementation Guide is provided and posted.