Placing a Support Call or Email – What to Expect from ISB

When you place a support call or send an email to ISB Support, ISB logs your problem using its customer relations management software and creates a record of the problem, a case that has a unique reference number.

Specific support information will be requested from you:

1. Your organization name and address.
2. You or your authorized technical contact’s name and confirmation of phone number and email address.
3. Your ISB product identification: serial number for hardware component, host ID for appliance hardware, and/or serial number of software.

A support entitlement check will be conducted:

Your ISB product must be covered by a current support contract or warranty; warranty is only applicable to hardware products and the LSAP for Software Products. ISB Support Engineers will validate that your entitlement is current.

Before Placing a Support Call or Email to ISB

1. Define the Question/Problem.

Clearly state the question/problem, providing specific information such as ISB product involved, problem symptoms, and frequency of occurrence and business impact.

2. Identify Possible Sources of the Problem.

Examples: system (hardware, software and network) changes and upgrades; introduction of new applications or processes into system environment and recent configuration changes. Note any known steps that led to the failure, whether or not the problem can be recreated.

3. Gather Environmental and Product Information.

Identify and provide all ISB product information and relevant environment information such as operating system, networking components and levels of software that were running when the problem occurred.

4. Gather Diagnostic Information.

Gather and provide diagnostic information such as error messages, error logs, storage dumps, traces and diagnostic documentation. This will aid in problem isolation. The fastest way to answer a question or resolve a problem is to send email to, which is available to all customers with a valid support contract 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Many questions and problems can be resolved via email such as product documentation, support notes, technical alerts, white papers and bug information.